A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew get an email…

I’m part of an interfaith support group. As we support each other, we care for our neighbors.

A member of the group posted the need for more volunteers to serve the community Thanksgiving dinner. He posted the link for volunteers. Within minutes there were three posts: one from a Jew, one from a Muslim, and one from a Christian. All had tried to volunteer as soon as they heard the need. Each learned the volunteer list was now filled. One said they’d be attending anyway, it’d be good to hang out with people being filled.

Which one is going anyway? Does it matter?

I am thankful for those whose lives witness to our loving God. I am thankful for people that act.


Recently I forwarded a post. Many have told me they will act.

The idea is a reverse Advent “calendar.” Instead of counting down to Christmas by opening doors on a calendar, put out a box. Each day of Advent add a food item to the box. When Christmas comes, give the box to a local food pantry.

I am thankful for people who act.

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