I have a confession to make. I skipped worship this morning. I’ve been travelling for Thanksgiving, but I could have worked a service in. I just didn’t want to be disappointed.

First, let me say that I know the center of worship is being present and letting God work. But I am also an administrator, and want the best for our our congregations; so, too often I find myself  assessing instead of worshiping. So…my reluctance.

I remember the conversations about “low Sundays” – those certain days that you can count on a lower attendance. It’s so easy to think all our congregations need is enough to get by and to save the effort for days with larger attendance. But it cannot be our mindset as pastors and worship planners.

It is an honor to be called to guide our congregations in their worship. Those who gather on Sunday, no matter how many, gather to worship our Living God to the fullest. This calls on us to plan the fullest of spirit for every worship. Wouldn’t it be great if every week those who missed worship heard they had missed something special, something important, something spirit filled, something inspiring?

Our God brings the fullness of God to each gathering of God’s people. I am so thankful when our leadership makes the connection.

As the psalmist cheered, “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord. ” (Psalm 122:1)


  1. It was not a “low” Sunday at all today, though I assumed it might be. We entered the Advent seadon in a confessional, prayerful way, and I definitely felt the privilege of leading God’s people in a sacred encounter. Thanks for a great post! Not too preachy at all.


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