“I’m just putting the new year in God’s hands. God will take care of it.” I’ve been hearing phrase since, “I’ll just put the Trump years in God’s hands. God will take care of it.”

Huh? What does it mean to put things in God’s hands? Can we do that while sitting back to watch what God will do? Some would say, “Yes, that’s faith.” I disagree.

Our Evangelical Lutheran Church is America has a catch phrase for times like these: “God’s Work – Our Hands” (and our feet and our mouths and our arms and our brains). Scripture is pretty clear – to get things done God uses people. God wants to bless God’s creatures. So God called Abraham to grow a blessed race bringing blessings to the nations. God wants people to live free. So God sent Moses to lead the Hebrew people out of bondage. God wants to reconcile humanity with God’s self. So God sent Jesus. And Jesus sent his followers. And so it goes.

God wants 2017 to be about life, abundant life. We put this hope in God’s hands and God sends us to live it into being. Scripture names Christ’s followers the body of Christ. How can we be Jesus’ body without acting out Jesus’ love?

So where do we start?

We know God wants the stranger to be welcomed. Do you have a neighbor you have yet to meet? Go next door and say hello. Are all your friends just like you? Have coffee with someone who thinks in other ways. Is your circle limited to those who all come from the same part of the world? Expend the effort to meet someone with skin of a different color, with a faith you do not know, of an age that ranges from yours.

We know God wants the blessed to be a blessing. What are you keeping to yourself that this world needs? Are you a person of means? One with a positive attitude? One who lives in hope? Can you feed a hungry one?  Can you encourage a discouraged one? Can you comfort a grieving one?

Do so!

Today, this month, this year is in God’s hands. Pray for God to keep it. And pray to be a follower – one part of Christ’s own body on this earth. God will work God’s wonders in these days with our hands and feet and hearts and brains.

Happy New Year



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