Christians march. Yes they do.

As I checked in with Facebook last evening I realized I know alot of marchers. I saw photos from ten different cities. All from marchers. Mostly women. Some men. Many wearing crosses. Some with stoles. Some in clerics.

I don’t think most of them where marching to be rude, insulting, or disrespectful. I think as they practiced the right of free speech, they wanted to say something loudly and clearly to our new president and congress. They proclaimed that Christians want a great country, a country that is great because it exists for the best for all its citizens. They reminded the elected that our country is better because of its diversity. They proclaimed that we are women and men together celebrating our many colors, our many sexual orientations, our many accents, levels of education, and talents.

They also proclaimed a presence. Their collars, their stoles, their crosses, their stories for strangers of carpooling to the march as church members, all demonstrated Christ’s presence in the midst of hard politics. They showed Christ’s care for the poor and needy who are not able to speak for themselves. They were a visible announcement of Christ’s care for all the people of this country.

There were marchers who tried to deny that Donald Trump is the president of this country. There were some carrying signs full of insults, disrespect, and crude images. There were also many who noticed those who jeered at the marchers while waving crosses and flags shouting Go Home! and Shut up!  There were many marching who have given up on the church – believing, at the least, that the Living Word of the church is irrelevant in our complex, hurting world.

But marching Christians offered hope. Seeing people caring in the name of Christ opened doors for Jesus. There are marchers who today know it is possible, at least possible, that Jesus the Christ does care for them, for their passion, for those for whom they care.

And that is good.

Marching Christians proclaim Christs presence.

[For the sake of full disclosure, my spouse joined a group from our congregation and marched in St. Paul, my clergy colleague joined others from our synod and marched in Madison. I thank God for them and their proclamation.]

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